Take either interstate 5 or 805 south towards the Mexican border.

As you cross the border, a red or green light will be activated. This is done completely ramdomly.

As you pass the customs inspection area keep right, Make sure you stay under the ” PLAYAS DE TIJUANA/ ROSARITO Cuota “sign .

Continue on the road Ensenada/ Cuota1    6  1/2 miles, you will come to the first toll booth .you will need to pay approx. US $2,20  and 15 miles more a second toll road.

short miles later and you will come to an exit that says ‘ PUERTO NUEVO/CANTAMAR. Turn right ,so you are now heading north on the free road and drive for a short mile ,you will see the gate entrance on your left, for LAS GAVIOTAS and a liquor store on the right.

Make sure you buy Mexican insurance before you cross the border into Mexico! This is available at several  locations shortly before you get to the border, in the last few exits.It’s easier to buy the insurance online.(bajabound.com) or check your U.S.policy.You might be able to get away with buying Mexican liability only,wich usually covers physical liability, bodily injury, medical expenses, legal aid and bail bond & road assistance.

If you are unsure and don’t have time to check your U.S. policy, take out the Mexican full coverage which usually ads cover for property damage & total deft/fire to the above.

Or at least the Mexican liability insurance, IT’S WELL WORTH the $ 9.50 per day premium (approx.)


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